Average Price Per Bed Room 

Based on the data presented, it appears that the Average Price per bedroom ranges from $100 to $650 per night, with an estimated revenue of approximately $100 per night per bedroom. Additionally, the distinct count of AirBnb availability is based on the number of bedrooms, and by hovering over the various districts, it can be observed that the average price in the 98144 zip code is the most expensive, averaging around $200 per night.

Price Per Zip Code 

Furthermore, the Average Price by zip code illustrates the descending order of prices, with the most expensive zip codes listed first. Lastly, the Revenue for Year chart shows the seasonality of revenue, with January being the month when revenue is at its lowest, while December marks the peak earning period. By examining this chart, users can understand the distribution of prices and gain insights into the factors that influence pricing in specific locations. It provides a valuable reference for both hosts and travelers, helping hosts set competitive prices based on the market in their area and assisting travelers in budgeting and selecting suitable accommodations.

Distinct count of Bedrooms

The "Distinct Count of Bedrooms" filter in the Airbnb dataset allows users to analyze the distribution of listings based on the number of bedrooms they offer. By applying this filter and examining the totals, we can gain valuable insights into the variety of accommodations available on Airbnb.

The distinct count refers to the unique number of bedrooms across all listings. This filter enables users to view the different options, such as one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and so on, and understand their prevalence in the dataset. The filter helps in visualizing the distribution and popularity of various bedroom configurations among Airbnb hosts.


This project aims to provide valuable insights into the AirBnb market by analyzing key data points. The collected data offers a comprehensive understanding of pricing dynamics, target markets, and seasonal fluctuations within the AirBnb ecosystem. These insights empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies in the dynamic and competitive AirBnb marketplace.